By Kate Jordan at The Southwest Times Record

Renee Nichols was on the phone when she heard a caller scream, “Please help her, she’s dying! This little girl is dying!” after the vehicle she was riding in was hit by a drunken driver.

Keeping an equal balance of calmness and professionalism, Nichols knew what the deputies on their way did not; that the little girl, who was about 6, had been ejected from her booster seat and might be dying in the arms of a passer-by.

And knowing this, she began painting a portrait of the scene for the deputies en route because she is the communications coordinator for the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office.

“We may be listening to two different conversations, one in each ear, and we have to process them both,” Nichols said.

In all, she is the voice that many hear, but few will ever see her face.